Web Designing: Cool home office business today!

Tech-savvy? Want to start a simple home based business?

Guess what? You can be a web designer. This is one of the best businesses for those who wish to work from home or have a side business for some extra income. Most web designers only have to go for client meetings and most work can be done at your own leisure from your home PC.

How do you become a web designer? Or start a web design company from home?

Two simple ways -


1. If you are tech savvy and like coding or designing things on photoshop – enroll in a web design certificate course. They last 6 months – 1 year and provide decent skills to improve upon.


2. Outsource: Partner with a company that will do all your work. All you have to do is manage the entire project and get the clients. This is best for some one who is more outgoing and finds easy to close the sale rather than getting the hands dirty in coding.


In Calgary region, there are a number of web design companies that offer reduced pricing to those who are willing to become their partners. Essentially these companies will provide you a with price that you can put a good margin on to sell it off to a client. I know of one Web Designer in Calgary that actually does both project management and web design. He passes on the extra web design work to other companies for a fee whenever there is a lot of work.