Expand Home Based Wedding Business

How To Expand Your Home Based Wedding Planner in Calgary Business

1.    Develop a workspace
Not only will this keep you organized and more comfortable but it will provide you with an intimate environment to meet with your clients.

1.    Stay competitive
Build your knowledge and stay on top of the trends! Clients are depending on you to know whats in and whats out. They are often overwhelmed with all of the options that the internet has to offer when searching for a wedding planner. Be sure to keep finding ways to stand out and catch the eye of your potential brides.

1.    Teach classes
Brides love freebies! Especially free knowledge about the wedding planning process. This will give you a chance to meet potential clients and share some of the knowledge you have accumulated. They will be looking up to you and will have a chance to ask questions and learn.

1.    Build partnerships
It is important as a wedding planner to have a good vendor database that you can use and refer to clients. Your clients will be counting on you to give them referrals to vendors that can be trusted. Start building relationships and working together to make a perfect outcome for your clients wedding.

1.    Expand your services
Be sure to provide your clients with the services they are looking for and more! Couples love packages, so be sure to have a few package options for them to choose from. You can also be creative an discover other services that would be beneficial to your clients that other companies do not offer.

1.    Ask for referrals
When you had a great experience working with a client, feel free to ask them to refer you to friends and family. More than likely they will be happy to spread the word so others can have a unique and stress free experience as well!

Happy Planning!

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